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29th March 2022

The Beginner Guide to Buying a Yacht – A Few Things to Consider

Are you looking to experience memorable journeys through calm pristine waters and go on your best private vacations in your own vessel? If so, it might be a sign from the stars above for you to purchase your very own yacht.

It may appear to be a simple task to accomplish at first. You pick a yacht, pay for it, and cruise away. However many buyers are unaware of all the nuances of purchasing their own boat that suits their taste, budget, and needs. In this article, we go over our ultimate beginner guide to buying a yacht to ensure you get to enjoy the experience when purchasing your very own boat.

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Make sure you have a place to dock it

First things first, the most crucial part of preparing to purchase a boat is making sure you have a place to dock it. In some areas, finding a marina or harbour to dock your vessel can be challenging.

If your marina is in high demand, it is worthwhile to ascertain how long it typically takes to obtain a dock space for your new jewel, even if your yacht has not been purchased yet. This step may appear to be out of place, but it is not. Finding the perfect dock space will be the determining factor of whether you will have a good experience owning a yacht or not. At Simpson Marine, we help you to find a right berth in the location that suits you best as part of our yacht sourcing services.

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Select a boat type that is appropriate for your needs

Now that you have a space for your potential vessel, it is time to decide which category suits your needs and desires. Before purchasing it, you should think about how and where you plan to use your boat regularly. Furthermore, you should know that there are advantages and disadvantages to every type of yacht.

A monohull may be ideal in some situations but not in others. When shopping for a catamaran to cruise the shallow seas of a tropical island, you won’t have the exact requirements as someone trying to cross the Atlantic. Purchase a yacht that is appropriate for the type of adventures you want to go on as well as the destinations you intend to explore in your future journeys. You can always charter a more suitable yacht for any additional activities that your boat is not equipped to handle on its own.

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Look for a boat that suits your taste

Everyone desires a yacht that will satisfy both their needs and taste. Whether warranted or not, aesthetics plays a significant role in restricting your choices when purchasing your first yacht. Numerous yachts are unique, with profile and deck lines and interiors designed by renowned designers and architects and shipyards.

However, whatever yacht style you choose, keep in mind that your dock neighbour, or friends (!), will desire a more attractive vessel than you and vice versa. The world yacht owners is a competitive one. There are many types of yachts you can choose from. Traditional sailboats, spacious and safe catamarans, elegant motor yachts, and ultimately superyachts and megayachts for the elite experience. While some styles will never go out of style, others may so it is important to consider a design that is timeless and could easily resell in future, when upgrading for your next vessel.

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Always prioritise your comfort and safety

It is vital to understand the comfort you desire. This is because the size and equipment of your yacht are directly tied to how comfortable you will be on board. Furthermore, you may require a crew to help you navigate and run the vessel, especially if you have no sailing experience.

A smaller boat will save you money in the long run, but you will have fewer options when it comes to amenities, space, and the ability to hire a crew. Another option is to go larger, which could result in an extremely comfortable yacht, but you’ll need a professional crew to operate it. This raises the overall cost of ownership and maintenance costs. Getting a commodious yacht comes with a cost. At Simpson Marine you may consider placing your yacht under our Yacht Management scheme that saves you all the hassles of daily operations – all you have to do is to enjoy your time at sea.

If choosing a superyacht is something you want to pursue, make sure you only choose among most reliable and credible superyachts for sale in the market. As with acquiring a brokerage superyacht, it’s critical to do your own due diligence and rely on the most reputed brokerage house with a confirmed history of yacht sales and deliveries and a team of professional brokers.

Estimate your annual budget

Yachting, as enjoyable as it is, can be a pricey pastime. As crucial as it is to know the price of your yacht, it’s also critical to understand how much additional fees will accrue over time. Maintenance, repairs, insurance, and mooring are all necessities for a boat.

As crews are involved, these costs can quickly rise as a result of the size of the yachts involved. As long as you know what type of boat to look for, what aesthetics you want, what comfort and performance standards you have in mind, and how much money you have to spend, then you are more than ready to buy your first yacht!

Resolve the finance and administrative issues

Several factors go into the selection process, including the home port, sailing area, and whether or not the company has any commercial ties to the area. Additionally, you can choose from a wide range of flags of convenience, including those from your home nation. Your experienced broker will be able to assist you in making a decision, or they will direct you to an expert in the field.

To discuss your yacht purchase plans you can discuss directly with Simpson Marine who has the reputation of the longest operating yacht dealer and broker in Asia.

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